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Puerto Rico beaches – Top 10 of the best seaside locations to visit

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Beaches in Puerto Rico are picturesque and endless, the island is home to many white-sand beaches, and one can find them in each of the territory’s three central regions: The west coast, the southern coast, and the east coast.

There is something for everyone, no matter what your tastes may be: Swimming, snorkeling, walking on the beach, sunbathing, or simply enjoying nature; Puerto Rico is the perfect location for a family vacation or even just a weekend getaway with friends.

Although diverse, the beaches in Puerto Rico have one thing in common: they are beautiful! The island is home to some of the most stunning shorelines in the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for secluded stretches of sand or want to party all night on the beach, there is a wide variety of beaches to choose from. As one of the most popular tourist locations in Puerto Rico, it is no surprise that the island has numerous amazing beaches.

Puerto Rico has some of the best beaches in the world. In our opinion, here are the Top 10 beaches in Puerto Rico:

Playa Flamenco


In Culebra Island, which is situated about 17 miles to the east of Puerto Rico and 12 miles west of St. Thomas, Playa Flamenco is as near to a tropical paradise beach as you can get. The calm and clear waters juxtaposed with the China white sand, which is shaped like a horseshoe, are stunning to behold.

As one of the top beaches in the world, Flamenco can be described as a perfect stretch of white sand with aquamarine waters. The beach is virtually unwave-free and is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and unwinding, playing on the sand, or relaxing on the beach. Flamenco is home to amenities like lifeguards, camping areas, restrooms with showers, bathrooms, parking areas, and kiosks in which you can purchase authentic Puerto Rican food.

Over a quarter of this island declared the Isla de Culebra National Wildlife Refuge that also comprises around 20 cays off the coast. If you’re keen on hiking, there’s some excellent terrain available in the refuge.


Flamenco beach



Culebra, PR, 00775


Sun Bay Beach


Similar to Culebra, Isla Vieques(Vieques Island) is yet another Spanish Virgin Island destination ringed by stunning beaches. It is located just eight miles from the mainland of Puerto Rico. Isla Vieques is 21 miles long and 5 miles wide. It’s where you will find stunning Sun Bay Beach.

It is easily accessible and has ample parking space along with bathrooms and public toilets. Sun Bay Beach is one of the most well-known beaches located on Vieques, which has a large strip of sandy beach.

It is renowned for an unusual phenomenon that takes place during certain nights in the location called Bioluminescent Bay (Mosquito Bay). If the conditions are perfect, the bay’s waters shimmer because of the motion of a significant amount of dinoflagellates phosphorescent.

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To see this natural wonder, take part in an evening tour aboard a vessel or canoe.


Balneario Sun Bay

Carr. 997

Bo. La Esperanza

Vieques, PR, 00765


Luquillo Beach


A little over 30 miles from San Juan, Luquillo Beach is among the most stunning beaches in Puerto Rico itself. The long crescent-shaped strip of golden-kissed beach is lined with coconut palms that sway, and are it is surrounded by a generally tranquil stretch of turquoise water that is perfect for swimming. There are lifeguards in the water throughout all hours of the day.

The beach stretches for more than 1 mile and is well-loved with walkers and joggers too. The beach also offers public restrooms in addition to changing rooms and showers that have lockers—local food outlets located just outside the gate. There’s even a camping space.

If you’d like to go into the water but aren’t keen on swimming it, you can hire kayaks or even try fly-boarding. It is possible to fly-board. El Yunque National Forest, one of the top Puerto Rico nature attractions, is situated right next to the beach. It makes for an ideal day trip that can be combined with a beach.


Luquillo 00773, Puerto Rico



Playa Crash Boat


The area surrounding Rincon on the west coast of Puerto Rico was renowned for surfing due to hosting in 1968 the World Surfing Championships when footage of surfers taking on the regular 15-foot high waves was broadcast to televisions around the globe. The waves are large on the beaches of the island. In addition, surfing remains a sacred activity. However, there are beaches such as Playa Crash Boat (also spelled Playa Crashboat), where the waves are less pronounced, and you can go swimming.

Crash Boat Beach is one of the most sought-after beaches on Puerto Rico’s west coast and Aguadilla’s most coveted treasure. Its clear waters make this novice diving spot perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and even surfing in the summertime. Crash Boat’s vibrant atmosphere is dubbed the island’s party spot, where you can enjoy live music and stroll through the food and kiosk stands that are arranged along the Pier.

For lunch, you can choose from vendors selling street food from the area as well as casual beachfront eateries. The Playa Crash Boat’s west-coast location also ensures breathtaking sunsets. Many guests will remain to watch the sunset into the ocean.

Watching whales is very popular in Rincon between the months of January and March, during the time that humpback whales are located in the area. Tours can be organized inside the town.


Crash Boat beach

Crash Boat Beach


Aguadilla, PR, 00603


Isla Verde Great Vistas


Enjoy a relaxing beach right in the middle of the city. Because of its close proximity to SJU airport, the beach has been awarded awards and is a favorite among tourists. One of the top beaches within the city region, Isla Verde, is golden-sand shores are bordered by high palm trees Hotels, restaurants and stores.

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Isla Verde beach can be split into three principal beach areas: Pine Grove, where surfers from the local community go; Alambique, a more comfortable stretch of sand and Balneario de Carolina, a more tranquil spot with lifeguards and parking spaces.


Isla Verde beach

Ave. Boca De Cangrejos

Isla Verde

Carolina, PR, 00979




The Pinones region stretches from the apex of Isla Verde Beach, behind the Isla Verde Airport, and all until downtown Loiza. It is well-known by both visitors and locals alike for its restaurants as well as “chinchoros,” where you will discover fritters, fritters’ fixings, and fresh fish, as well as fresh seafood and other delights. It’s also a wonderful location for tropical drinks as well as fresh coconut water.

Enjoy delicious food as you go from food stands to food stands and back on the beach. Take in the serene surf in La Pocita or Vacia Talega and Two secluded beaches are that allow you to swim or relax in the sun.

The two-way road leads to unspoiled and secluded beaches and forests that offer trails to walk and bike. Bring your towels and food, and don’t expect to find public restrooms or lifeguards. There are also small shops and markets that sell local art and crafts. The local community is a reflection of the wealth of the island’s afro-Puerto Rican culture, especially in the way of food, music, and arts and crafts.





Loíza, PR, 00983


Condado Beach


To experience a piece from Miami to Puerto Rico, head on down to Condado Beach in San Juan’s fashionable Condado District. The beach is full of everyone from celebrities to families with young children and honeymooners; it is always lively and perfect for watching people.

Condado’s closeness to San Juan is one of its biggest advantages. Exploring the city’s history early in the morning and then in the afternoon on the beach is a simple experience here.

If you’re staying at any of the resorts along this golden stretch of sand, you’ll need to hire a sun lounger and/or an umbrella for shade and a spot.

Make sure to note prior to diving into the Atlantic Ocean that the current here is very strong, and unless you’re an experienced swimmer, you should not go too far. Additionally, you’ll find the standard variety of water sports for hire to choose from in case you become hungry; there are plenty of restaurants near the beach and in the nearby neighborhood.


1077 Avenue Doctor Ashford, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Ocean Park Beach


A different Condado District beach that is slightly more remote than Condado Beach proper is Ocean Park Beach. It is located at the eastern end of the area; it was initially built in the 1950s to be an area modeled after Miami Beach and San Juan’s very first tourist zone. Ocean Park Beach is a white-sand paradise that is well-loved by residents.

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Ultimo Trolley is one of the most sought-after destinations for Ocean Park Beach, which is located along the coastline of Condado. The waves are medium-sized, making the beach a thrilling spot for amateur and experienced surfers alike. The beach is crystal clear water and pristine beach sand for everyone to take pleasure in.

The beach is 1 mile but isn’t equipped with restrooms, changing rooms, or showers. Therefore, it is less popular with day-trippers as compared to other beaches in the region. The beach is located on one side, the Atlantic Ocean side of the island; the sea here is a beautiful deep blue that is dotted with aquamarine.


San Juan, Puerto Rico


Balneario de Boqueron


Also on Puerto Rico’s southwestern coast in Cabo Rojo is beautiful Balneario de Boqueron. It stretches for three miles. The golden sand beach is bordered by coconut trees and almond palms.

Its water is clean, tranquil, and shallow in the beginning making it a popular destination with families and also swimmers. The beach is characterized by a local atmosphere, and during weekends there are often music and other events held on the beach.

There are bathrooms, showers, and snack bars along the beach. Additionally, you can purchase freshly caught seafood at local vendors. The most well-known water sports activity in the area is an hour-long, two-hour, or even four-hour Jet Ski tour along the coast.


Centro Vacacional Boquerón

Carr. 101

Poblado Boquerón

Cabo Rojo, PR, 00622


Tortuga Beach


The beach is located on Culebrita Island, which is close to Culebra Island. Tortuga Beach is only accessible by boat or water taxi, and that’s why it has an appealing Robinson Crusoe look. The beach is beautiful and is an ideal choice for those looking to take a break and relax with a book on the sandy beach.

There aren’t many services, and you’ll have to bring a packed lunch, but it’s an integral one of the draw. Located on the tiny islands in Culebrita, Tortuga Beach is an oasis of tranquility with white powder-like sand and sparkling clear water.

The name Tortuga Beach is due to the huge number of turtles who visit the shores each year! As with other beaches located in Culebra (except Flamenco), Tortuga does not have facilities like bathrooms and parks (this can be reached only by boat only) or food kiosks.


Playa Tortuga


Discovering Puerto Rico’s beaches and all the reasons why travelers find them such great places to relax and play is endless. Secrets about their history and culture will reveal a side of the island you have never seen before. The activities are endless, as are the great bargains for food, drinks, clothing, and other stuff to remember your time on this lovely island.