Discover the Best Beaches in Rincon, Puerto Rico – Your Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to beaches, Rincón has more than eight kilometers of coastline with palm-lined beaches and clean waters.

This laid-back Caribbean-style community on Puerto Rico’s west coast attracts hundreds of surfers, divers, swimmers, and beach bums each year. As a native of Puerto Rico, I can’t get enough of this beautiful paradise. But, before you go, be sure to bookmark my guide to what to do in Rincón if you need more activity ideas.

Get your flip-flops and swimsuits ready because these are the top Rincón beaches to visit in 2023.

  • Rincon Public Beach
  • Maria’s Beach
  • Domes Beach
  • Spanish Wall Beach
  • Sandy Beach
  • Steps Beach
  • Pools Beach
    • Corcega Beach
    • Playa Almendros

The best surfer beaches in Rincon

Rincón, the quintessential surfer town, has a surfer statue in the center of town. Rincón, located on the island’s westernmost tip, offers beaches on both the north and west sides that offer a variety of conditions appropriate for experienced surfers. Domes, Mara’s, Tres Palmas, and Sandy Beach are the most popular surfing beaches. Rentals are available at various surf shops, including Mar Azul Surf Shop, Surf Town Rincón, and Desecheo Surf Shop. Rincón Surf School provides surf training and guided trips for beginners who don’t want to miss out.

In 2018, the group Save the Waves named Punta Borinquen, a nearly 5-mile beachfront running from Crash Boat to Surfer’s Beach in the northwestern town of Aguadilla, as the Caribbean’s first World Surfing Reserve. Over a dozen world-class surfing spots, including Surfer’s Beach, Table Tops, Survival Beach, Wilderness, Wishing Well, Manglito, Gas Chambers, and Crash Boat, are now protected as a result of this classification. Aguadilla is a must-see for surfers of all levels, with over 300 days of rideable waves on some of Puerto Rico’s most stunning beaches. Surf Zone, Aquatic Dive and Surf, and Verde Azul Surf and SUP Shop are among the several surf businesses in Aguadilla, as is PR Surf Adventures, a surf trip company.

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Isabela is another popular surfing destination on the west coast, with conditions suitable for all levels of skill. The annual Corona Pro Surf Circuit is held at Middles Beach, a stretch of sandy beach with strong currents and rocky parts offshore where the waves break.

Jobos Beach is more lively because it features portions suitable for swimming. There are a few restaurants and bars close as well. Hang Loose Surf Shop is located right on Jobos and offers rentals and lessons.


The best family beaches in Rincon

  • La Monserrate, Luquillo – Beach

This balneario is famed for its shallow waters and beautiful sand, with El Yunque as a backdrop. This crescent-shaped beach is ideal for swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding and is lined with lifeguards, local merchants, and lounge chair rentals for your convenience. There is a camping area with showers and gazebos, which is ideal for a BBQ day with the kids, and it is a Blue Flag destination on a regular basis. You may also go fly-boarding. Isn’t that amazing? This beach is close to the famed Luquillo Kiosks, where you’ll discover a variety of cuisines to suit the entire family.

  • Balneario de Carolina – Beach

Another Blue Flag beach can be found just outside of town. Because to its cleanliness and convenient facilities, Balneario de Carolina is one of the most popular and visited beaches. There is something for everyone in the party, regardless of age, from a beach volleyball court to a tiny waterpark for kids and an on-site microbrewery for adults. Rent a gazebo, bring an umbrella, or work on your tan lines; the choice is completely yours. There are lifeguards and paramedics on the premises, so you may relax and unwind in a secure setting.

  • Puerto Nuevo (Marbella), Vega Baja – Beach
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Marbella’s (or Puerto Nuevo’s) terrain is both beautiful and protective. Even when there are active waves, the waters at this beach stay calm because it is bordered by massive limestone boulders that function as a barrier between the northern beach surges. The granite formations serve as wave breaks, but they also provide an excellent photo opportunity for your family trip scrapbook. On one side of Puerto Nuevo, you’ll discover a peaceful natural pool that flushes frequently, ideal for smaller children, and on the other, an open-water type beach with more active waves for your adolescents to enjoy boogie-boarding. Picnic tables, showers, on-duty lifeguards, and snack kiosks are available to make your day more enjoyable.


The best secluded beaches in Rincon

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is Rincón’s primary beach, and depending on the season, you’ll witness either swimmers or surfers in the Atlantic Ocean waves. This beach has plenty of room for a lively beach throng. Although there are no amenities, there are beach bars, motels, and restaurants nearby. Collectors can also look for marine glass in this location.


Puerto Rico’s colorful culture, friendly people, and diversified scenery make it a top Caribbean destination, but don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the most recent quotes from visiting journalists regarding Puerto Rico.

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