Luquillo Beach In Puerto Rico

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A little over 30 miles from San Juan, Luquillo Beach is among the most stunning beaches in Puerto Rico itself. The long crescent-shaped strip of golden-kissed beach is lined with coconut palms that sway, and are it is surrounded by a generally tranquil stretch of turquoise water that is perfect for swimming. There are lifeguards in the water throughout all hours of the day.

The Luquillo beach stretches for more than 1 mile and is well-loved with walkers and joggers too. The beach also offers public restrooms in addition to changing rooms and showers that have lockers—local food outlets located just outside the gate. There’s even a camping space. 

 If you’d like to go into the water but aren’t keen on swimming it, you can hire kayaks or even try fly-boarding. It is possible to fly-board. El Yunque National Forest, one of the top Puerto Rico nature attractions, is situated right next to the beach. It makes for an ideal day trip that can be combined with a beach.


Luquillo 00773, Puerto Rico

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