Condado Beach In Puerto Rico

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To experience a piece from Miami to Puerto Rico, head on down to Condado Beach in San Juan’s fashionable Condado District. The beach is full of everyone from celebrities to families with young children and honeymooners; it is always lively and perfect for watching people.

Condado’s closeness to San Juan is one of its biggest advantages. Exploring the city’s history early in the morning and then in the afternoon on the beach is a simple experience here.

If you’re staying at any of the resorts along this golden stretch of sand, you’ll need to hire a sun lounger and/or an umbrella for shade and a spot.

Make sure to note prior to diving into the Atlantic Ocean that the current here is very strong, and unless you’re an experienced swimmer, you should not go too far. Additionally, at Condado beach you’ll find the standard variety of water sports for hire to choose from in case you become hungry; there are plenty of restaurants near the beach and in the nearby neighborhood.


1077 Avenue Doctor Ashford, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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