Tortuga Beach In Puerto Rico

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The beach is located on Culebrita Island, which is close to Culebra Island. Tortuga Beach is only accessible by boat or water taxi, and that’s why it has an appealing Robinson Crusoe look. The beach is beautiful and is an ideal choice for those looking to take a break and relax with a book on the sandy beach.

There aren’t many services, and you’ll have to bring a packed lunch, but it’s an integral one of the draw. Located on the tiny islands in Culebrita, Tortuga Beach is an oasis of tranquility with white powder-like sand and sparkling clear water.

The name Tortuga Beach is due to the huge number of turtles who visit the shores each year! As with other beaches located in Culebra (except Flamenco), Tortuga does not have facilities like bathrooms and parks (this can be reached only by boat only) or food kiosks.


Playa Tortuga


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