Playa Crash Boat In Puerto Rico

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The area surrounding Rincon on the west coast of Puerto Rico was renowned for surfing due to hosting in 1968 the World Surfing Championships when footage of surfers taking on the regular 15-foot high waves was broadcast to televisions around the globe. The waves are large on the beaches of the island. In addition, surfing remains a sacred activity. However, there are beaches such as Playa Crash Boat (also spelled Playa Crashboat), where the waves are less pronounced, and you can go swimming.

Playa Crash Boat is one of the most sought-after beaches on Puerto Rico’s west coast and Aguadilla’s most coveted treasure. Its clear waters make this novice diving spot perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and even surfing in the summertime. Crash Boat’s vibrant atmosphere is dubbed the island’s party spot, where you can enjoy live music and stroll through the food and kiosk stands that are arranged along the Pier.

For lunch, you can choose from vendors selling street food from the area as well as casual beachfront eateries. The Playa Crash Boat’s west-coast location also ensures breathtaking sunsets. Many guests will remain to watch the sunset into the ocean.

Watching whales is very popular in Rincon between the months of January and March, during the time that humpback whales are located in the area. Tours can be organized inside the town.


Crash Boat beach

Crash Boat Beach


Aguadilla, PR, 00603

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