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Jet ski in Puerto Rico – Top 10 rentals and other exiting activities

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If you are visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico, and have never been on a Jet Ski in Puerto Rico before, you don’t know what you are missing. A popular holiday activity for the family is exploring the scenic island without leaving everyone behind in a hotel room or tethered to an amusement park.

With the highest quality of amenities and professionalism, renting a Jet Skies with Jet Skies Rentals companies In Puerto Rico is a fun and memorable family experience.

Do you want to know where the best place in Puerto Rico is to rent a Jet Skies? The following list of 10 companies does the best job with this activity on the island.

10. Chiliboats Adventure

chiliboats aventure

 The water bikes called “Chiliboats” are a unique experience that you can rent by the hour or take a tour through the lagoon. Waterbike rentals and tours are available in a pine grove for your enjoyment on the water channels, beaches, and channels. Caribbean Water Cycling, Llc are dedicated to the sale and rental of high-performance waterbikes/bikeboats in a Catamaran configuration, with pedals and a propeller. 

 They are based in La Parguera-Lajas (PR) and offer many tours that allow you to experience a new type of adventure through ecotourism in a natural preserve. Rent for 1 hour and explore the main channel or, arrange a tour lasting 2, 3, or 4 hours, and a trained host will guide you through the Cays, mangroves, and stunning surroundings. You can either go on your own or with a group of friends or family. This is not a tour; you will receive personalized attention. 

 Chiliboats Adentures are open from Tuesday through Sunday, Monday if on Holidays and from 8 AM to 3 PM. If spaces are available, they can work with you to schedule appointments. They are Caribbean exclusive dealers and can help you start a rental business or exercise your rights. They are committed to your safety and will ensure you have the best adventure possible.

Chiliboats Adventure Contact Details

 Address: XWFW+H5, La Parguera, Lajas 00667, Puerto Rico 

 Phone:+1 787-397-7453 

 Email:[email protected] 



9. i Tour Puerto Rico

i tour puerto rico

 There are many options: You can choose to go Catamaran Sailing and to snorkel on uninhabited islands, a Kayaking Tour through a Bioluminescent Lagoon, or you can pilot & island-hop in your own mini boat. You can also learn to surf, climb and rappel down waterfalls in the rainforest or take a tour on one of the Best Adventure Tours and Sightseeing Tours. 

 Discover Puerto Rico’s natural beauty and rich heritage at the best tour prices. You get to book directly with local islanders who work hand in hand. 

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i Tour Puerto Rico Contact Details 

Address: Condominio Mar Bella del Caribe Este, 5349 Av. Isla Verde, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico 


 Email:[email protected] 


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8. Puerto Rico Adventure Water Sports

puerto rico adventure water sports

Puerto Rico Adventure Water Sports is the premier choice for jet ski tours and Water sports in Boqueron, Cabo Rojo. We offer jet ski rentals, jet ski tours, kayaks, paddleboards, banana boat rides on the weekend, snorkel tours, and sunset cruises are just some of your options with the crew at Puerto Rico Adventure Water Sports.

Reservations are highly suggested on all our tours. An excellent adventure for private parties, We welcome groups and people of all ages. Puerto Rico Adventure Water Sports, the best water sports at the best prices!

Puerto Rico’s premier water sports and jet ski company only uses Seadoo GTI 155’s Kayaks /boat charters/ jet ski tours/snorkeling/sunset tours.

Puerto Rico Adventure Water Sports Contact Details

Address: PR-101, Boquerón, Cabo Rojo 00623, Puerto Rico



7. Aquatica


Aquatica is an Adventure designed for all family members. It will be the experience of your life—the best way to conquer old San Juan’s amazing historical sites. You will be a pirate trying to attack old San Juan. In Aquatica San Juan, as pirates, you are going to drive your own jet ski toward the historical sites, Forts El Morro, La Fortaleza, and other incredible city views. This tour will make you go to the limits and experience unexpected extraordinary situations while being challenged to enjoy the Old San Juan city’s spectacular view from the pirate point of view.

We will make you roar like a Pirate. This will be the best time in Puerto Rico, for sure an unforgettable, exciting experience. Being where the real pirates of the Caribbean are dramatic, the Tourist said is fantastic. But, being part of a group of pirates can make you understand that Aquatica is not only a Jet Ski rental.

Aquatica is a unique dramatic experience that no other tour in old San Juan can make you enjoy. Aquatica is a certified and endorsed company by Puerto Rico Tourism Company, USCG, and the principal Hotels in Puerto Rico like Hilton, Ritz Carton, Marriott, and many others. 

Aquatica Contact Details

Address: PR-187, Vieques, Loíza 00772, Puerto Rico

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6. Archie Jetski Rental

archie jetski rental

Archie Jetski Rental has been a family-owned and operated business since 1994. They have the only fleet of brand new Yamaha jet skis on the market in Puerto Rico, and it’s been updated every year. It is located on the stunning blue seas of Isla Verde, in Carolina, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Speaking to the owner he said “I enjoy shaking hands and conversing with our guests! We value that, and we pass that love with our guests”

 At Archie Jet Ski Rentals, they are delighted to have heard the words “the best customer service for watersports” to be words of trust given by their new guests who add to the ever-growing list of repeat clients they’ve been privileged to serve. 

 Satisfied references are evidence that a customer is aware of the extra effort to add the “extra something extra” to ensure that their stay is enjoyable. Their staff is passionate about their work and in a manner that they put their lives at risk to protect our customers. They want their guests to have safe fun.

Archie Jetski Rental Contact Details

Address: 9 C. Gardenia, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico 



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5. Eco Water Adventure

eco water adventure

 Eco Water Adventure offers guided Jetski excursions along the breathtaking Southwest coastline in Puerto Rico in a safe and comfortable environment for families. We believe in protecting our participants, our marine environment, and Our Natural Resources. 

They discover incredible beaches and cays with gorgeous clear, crystal-clear waters and vibrant corals. Eco Water Adventure aim to inform, protect and increase awareness of our marine ecosystem. In addition, they want to offer the opportunity for positive learning and appreciation of the environment within their Nature Reserve.

Eco Water Adventure Contact Details

Address: 9Cana Gorda, Guanica, Guanica 00653, Puerto Rico 




04. WOW Surfing School and Jet Ski 

wow surfing school and jet ski

 Take on the role of your own Captain, bring your passion for adventure, embark on an unforgettable excursion into the beautiful oceans in the Caribbean and explore the historical places in El Morro Fortress in Old San Juan with one of our expertly experienced tour guides. We will take you to one of the many corners of the notorious Bermuda Triangle and much more. Each tour is distinctive. The Jet Ski tour guide/ranger will guide each group, ensuring security. 

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 Arrive 30 minutes earlier to be checked in and get instructions regarding jet ski use. It is suggested that you wear a swimsuit, take an umbrella, towel, and sunglasses. 

WOW Surfing School and Jet Ski Contact Details

 Address: San Juan, 00969, Puerto Rico 




3. Culebra Jet Ski Tours 

culebra jet ski tours

 Culebra Jet Ski Tours is the perfect combination of adventure and paradise. In their 2 hour tour, you and your companion will discover the beautiful hidden beauty of Culebra beaches while also discovering its rich past and its natural wonders. 

 In addition, you can experience the thrill of ripping your own jet ski. With the most advanced level of experience and safety, Tour guides lead every tour. Bring your loved ones, family members, and companions and experience your time in paradise with a hint of adrenaline. 

Culebra Jet Ski Tours Contact Details




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2. Oceania Watersports

oceania watersports

 Try the latest extreme watersports flyboard. Experience their brand-new watersport that is accessible to flyboard in the old San Juan Bay. The water is soo tranquil, and there are no waves or winds to disrupt your enjoyment.

Find out for yourself why they have received numerous positive reviews. Add this excursion to your list of things to do on your old San Juan Puerto Rico list and you wont regret. 

Oceania Watersports Contact Details

 Address: F223+8MM, Carolina, 00983, Puerto Rico 



1. Mini Boat Adventures 

mini boat adventures

 There is no boating license required! This is a fully-guided trip. You need to select the number of people willing to ride along with you! 

 Take a ride on your very own miniature Speed Boat! Take a ride with us through a series of private islands. First stop: Icacos Puerto Rico! Along the way, you can relax on white sandy beaches and take a guided snorkeling trip among the most beautiful coral reefs in La Cordillera Nature Reserve. In addition, the Mini Boat comes packed with snorkeling gear, snacks, and refreshments. It is possible to say that snorkeling at the beach in Puerto Rico has never been more adventurous! 

Mini Boat Adventures Contact Details

 Address: Marina Puerto Chico, Carr. 967 KM 2. Bo. Sardinera, Fajardo, 00738, Puerto Rico 



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