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Brief Details about Aquatica In Puerto Rico & Their Contact Details

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Aquatica in Puerto Rico is an Adventure designed for all family members. It will be the experience of your life—the best way to conquer old San Juan’s amazing historical sites. You will be a pirate trying to attack old San Juan. In Aquatica San Juan, as pirates, you are going to drive your own jet ski toward the historical sites, Forts El Morro, La Fortaleza, and other incredible city views. This tour will make you go to the limits and experience unexpected extraordinary situations while being challenged to enjoy the Old San Juan city’s spectacular view from the pirate point of view.

We will make you roar like a Pirate. This will be the best time in Puerto Rico, for sure an unforgettable, exciting experience. Being where the real pirates of the Caribbean are dramatic, the Tourist said is fantastic. But, being part of a group of pirates can make you understand that Aquatica is not only a Jet Ski rental.

Aquatica is a unique dramatic experience that no other tour in old San Juan can make you enjoy. Aquatica is a certified and endorsed company by Puerto Rico Tourism Company, USCG, and the principal Hotels in Puerto Rico like Hilton, Ritz Carton, Marriott, and many others. 

Aquatica Contact Details

Address: PR-187, Vieques, Loíza 00772, Puerto Rico



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