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Top 5 Things In Puerto Rico to Avoid As A Tourist

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Which things In Puerto Rico to Avoid As A Tourist? While Puerto Rico is a magical place in itself, there are things you should avoid if you plan on visiting. The island is a tropical paradise located only 90 miles from the United States you can travel by bus, train or air. But what about the beaches you’re going to? You know that beach in San Juan which is packed with water spouts? Unbelievable, sure. But it’s not a Pacific storm hazard. Beaches that foreigners sometimes avoid — unless they want to swim with hungry sharks and dangerous jellyfish. And do tourists buy those colorful beads and pendants that are supposed to bring good luck? Not so much.

One big tourist-pleaser – don’t take the bread or beans from a street vendor. The bread’s loaded with E Coli and staph, while the beans can contain Salmonella and blame your bad luck on the unhygienic vendor rather than his product. Avoid swimming in pools with monkeys, iguanas and birds. Try renting mountain bikes instead of mopeds if you wish to zip through lush jungles instead of traffic jams; learn how to lock your bike to keep it safe when you’re done riding; and if you’re leaving someone besides yourself behind, leave them a note with your contact information, in case they need emergency contact information while stuck on an island without cell phone

The island suffers from mosquito and sandfly season, known locally as “montezumas” and “guánacos.” Monzumas can be pesky, but they are not dangerous unless they bite an area that becomes infected. Below are top 5 things you should avoid as a tourist in Puerto Rico

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01. Avoid Taking Uber to the Airport but Rather Use Taxis

avoid taking uber

When you’re running late for a flight, and need to get to the airport, there’s a high probability you’ll be relying on Uber to make it happen. But, what if you live in Puerto Rico and want to save money, your time and avoid taking an Uber during your visit especailly to the Airport

While Uber can take you to the airport, they aren’t allowed to drop you off right in front of the departure gates. As a result of this, you will have no option than to walk a certain point with all your baggage. Imagine if you have several bags and you are supposed to walk to the gates. Because of this, we higly suggest taking a taxi instead and always match the taxi rates with that of uber. Try not to pay twice the price with Taxis.

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02. In Puerto Rico Avoid Speaking only English

things in puerto rico to avoid
People wave Puerto Rican flags as they attend a rally to celebrate the resignation of Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello in San Juan, Puerto Rico July 25, 2019. REUTERS/Marco Bello – RC19FE17EAC0

Puerto Rico is the only territory in the United States that does not have English as its official language.When you’re visiting Puerto Rico and you want to avoid the awkwardness of speaking only English, learns some basic spanish as that would really be helpful during your visit to the beatoful tropical country.

English is still widely spoken in many areas, so don’t fret if your high school Spanish isn’t polished. That being said, your experience will be much richer if you learn at least a few pleasantries in Spanish, such as “please,” “thank you,” “good morning/evening,” and “how are you?”

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03. Avoid Relying Solely on public transportation

avoid public transports

When you’re in Puerto Rico, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to get around the island by any means other than car. Just about everyone relies on public transportation for their daily needs: going to school, running errands, and visiting friends and family on the island.

Tourists often find themselves taking buses and subways on the island, which can be a very slow way to get around but as much as possible, avoid it! Exploring further afield in and around Puerto Rico (which you should do) requires a car. Some of Puerto Rico’s best beaches are hidden and otherwise inaccessible without driving. Plus, there’s no better place to enjoy authentic mofongo or lechon than a locals-only roadside cafe. 

04. In Puerto Rico Avoid interacting with the wildlife

avoid interact with wildlife

The best way to avoid interacting with the wildlife in Puerto Rico is to visit the island only when they are not around. In the high season, you might even consider taking an all-natural tours to see how local farmers and fishermen do it. Rainforest hiking is always a fun adventure, and visiting the amazing El Yunque National Forest is a must.

Does a fine of $25,000 for interfering with humpback whales sound like a nice ending to your Caribbean experience?Instead, it is best to watch them from afar. On the other hand, if you are surprised by them when on a boat, carefully drive away parallel to them and make sure to keep a distance of at least 300meters (1000ft).

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05. Avoid Staying only in San Juan.

Avoid a stressful, expensive visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico as a tourist by staying at a resort on the island instead. Puerto Rico is famous for its beautiful beaches and outdoor activities, but the island also has vibrant cities with great shopping and dining. Unlike hotels and resorts in San Juan, these places offer the amenities of home, including free Wi-Fi, spacious rooms with balconies or patios and easy access to beaches/parks.

El Yunque National Forest alone offers more than 28,000 acres of hiking, waterfalls, and wildlife, while Rincón, on the island’s west coast, has famous beaches and great swells for surfers.

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