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Discover the Wonders of La Parguera Bio bay in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is well known for being a beautiful island with tons of attractive tourist sites, lots of fun activities to participate in, delicious food and inspiring culture. It is home to sites like the El Yunque National Forest, the Flamenco beach, and many others. It is a place where you can relax on a cruise or beach or even go ziplining, the opportunities are endless. Another beautiful site Puerto Rico is home to is the La Parguera Bio bay.

This is a bioluminescent bay that is located in the southern town of Lajas. It is one of the three available bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. The other two can be found at Vieques and Fajardo.

It is a magical experience where you get to bear witness to the rare beauty of nature’s wonder. The water glows like stars and you get to experience it first hand as you glide through it. It is the only bio bay in Puerto Rico that you will be allowed to swim in. Is that not exciting? Who knew yu could swim amongst the stars!

The history and characteristics of La Parguera Biobay

La Parguera is a small fishing village in the northeast of Puerto Rico surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Rio Grande de Loíza. It is one of the few places on the island where you can find an unspoiled natural environment with mangroves and wetlands and visit bioluminescent bay Puerto Rico.

The La Parguera bay is a bioluminescent bay on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. It was discovered by a group of fishermen in 1938, who noticed how their nets lit up when pulled from the water.

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The bioluminescence or magical “glow” of the water is actually caused by millions of micro-organisms called dinoflagellates that have a high concentration in the water. These organisms are bioluminescent and are responsible for the glowing effect of the water when they encounter disturbance or movement. They emit a greenish-blue light and a less visible red light .

La Parguera is a  habitat for a wide range of marine life. It is an important nursery ground for both young fish and invertebrates. Many fish species such as  striped bass, croaker, black sea bass, flounder, and striped mullet may be found here. The bay is also an important source of food for ocean creatures, such as whale sharks and manta rays.

La Parguera is over 12,000 acres and is about 1500 ft deep.

The best time to see the bay in its glory is during a dark night with a new moon so that no external light can interfere and dim the shine of these tiny organisms.

 How to plan a visit to La Parguera Bio bay in Puerto Rico

Everything works better when you have a clear cut plan. To help you have a smooth-sailing visit to La Parguera Bay, here are some helpful pieces of information to guide your planning process.

So, let us have a quick look at the booking options. You can either book online via their website or on-site upon your arrival there. You can call them on 787-899-5891 to make further enquiries, if you so need. Trips start at 7 pm, and although reservations are not a requirement or obligatory, it is suggested tat you make one ahead of time.

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As mentioned before, the best time to visit the bay is on a dark night with a new moon. Usually, it is good to call ahead and confirm with the bio bay service operators or your preferred touring company if your desired night is a good one that tallies with the new moon calendar. This ensures that you fully get to enjoy the experience. Make sure you do not litter or do anything that may cause harm to the ecosystem. You can bring along some water, your picture or video taking device, a change of clothes, and a towel to dry off. Make sure you avoid the use of bug sprays or lotions that may cause harm to the dinoflagellates.

There are options to select from on which type of boat you would like to sail on. It can be large, small, or with a glass bottom. It is about a 20 minute ride from the dock to the bio bay. Upon arrival to the bay, you may be provided with a brief explanation of the bio bay (the phenomenon of it, etc) and be allowed to swim or snorkel if you so wish. If you do opt for the large boat, however, you will not be allowed to swim.

Things to do and see at La Parguera Bio bay in Puerto Rico.

At the La Parguera Bio Bay, you can go snorkelling amongst the marine life, and swim in the calm waters. You can also enjoy a boat ride where you get to see the beauty of the bay in full. A kayaking option is also available where you get to paddle through the waters yourself.

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You do not need much to have a good time during the tour as it is such a magical experience that will surely captivate your heart. Just make sure you take lots of pictures and videos and stay hydrated.

Other natural attractions in Puerto Rico to try

Puerto Rico has so many other natural attractions to offer you. As mentioned before, the gorgeous, rich El Yunque National Forest is a great option. You can also visit the various beaches on site like Flamenco or the various islands like Isla de Mona. There are also gushing waterfalls like El Patron that might tickle your fancy. The options are endless and there is never a dull moment.

To recap, La Parguera Bio Bay is the only bio bay in Puerto Rico that you will be allowed to swim in. You can enjoy a boat ride or kayak tour as you sail through the ‘starry’ waters and stay captivated by its beauty. Come to Puerto Rico and experience the joy of this adventure- that will leave you talking about it forever- for yourself. Don’t miss!

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