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Get a Unique Perspective on Mosquito Bay in a Kayak

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The bio bay being talked about today is the Mosquito Bay in Vieques, there are only five bioluminescent bays in the world. Puerto Rico is home to three out of five bioluminescent bays in the whole world. These bays can be found in the cities of Lajas, Fajardo, and Vieques. The bay at Lajas is the only one you can swim in, and the one at Fajardo is the easiest to get to from San Juan.

Mosquito Bay is not only magical, but is  extremely protected and well cared for as it is a delicate ecosystem. Luckily, it is open to the public and provides a magical experience for all. You get to embark on a fun adventure as you explore the bio bay by kayaking. So be prepared to get a little workout in and perhaps a little wet.

The characteristics and biology of Mosquito Bay Bio Bay

Bioluminescent bays are a result of microscopic, single-celled organisms that are called dinoflagellates. Dinoflagellates can be found throughout the ocean. These organisms can grow in large quantities (by large, we mean thousands and thousands) that are enough to produce a ‘glow in the dark’ effect when they are stimulated by movement. So, unlike any normal body of water, when you paddle through these bays, the organisms and everything they come into contact with are bound to light up in an enchanting neon blue-green tint.

Mosquito Bay is located on the southern shore of the island Vieques. This bay has been described as the brightest in the world by Guinness book of World Records in 2008. The Mosquito Bay encloses about 158 acres and is about 12.1 feet deep.

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The benefits of experiencing Mosquito Bay Bio Bay in a kayak

If you are wondering whether or not a kayaking experience would be worth your while, allow us to help you. We will give you some insight on the benefits of experiencing Mosquito Bay in a kayak.

Firstly, the ecosystem at Mosquito bay is quite fragile. The slightest thing could tamper with it and set it off balance. As a result of this, you will probably not be allowed to swim in it. Since swimming is not an option, kayaking is the next best thing. Kayaking is the best way to see Mosquito Bay as allows you to get closer to the water. Secondly, exploring the bay by kayak allows you to navigate its narrow channels.

Some kayaks may have clear or semi clear bottoms so you can view the micro organisms from above. You will be provided with paddles, a personal floatation device, and perhaps an eco-friendly, Deet-free bug repellent.

You will be out on the water in groups of five. A pair of you will be paddling in one kayak at a time. Just before you begin the journey a little time will be taken to explain the basics of kayaking to you. This way, you will not feel too lost and have a basic grip on the concept. The lead guide may have a glo-stick which will be used to lead the way till you get to the middle of the bio bay.

To maximize your experience and get the best views, make sure you go on a night where there is a new moon and very little external light. Going on a new moon night will ensure that the external light will interfere less- if at all- with your view. The less light there is, the brighter the water will shine.

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 How to plan a visit to Mosquito Bay Bio Bay in a kayak

Planning ahead is always a fantastic thing to do. It definitely comes in handy to come prepared and be ready for any situation at hand. To help you plan for your visit to Mosquito Bay, we have got you covered.

When booking, make sure you choose companies that have the required DRNA permits to take guests into Mosquito Bay. A few companies that have this are Black Beard Sports whom you can call on 787-741-1892, Vieques Kayaks whom you can call on 787-905-6782, JAK Water Sports and Fun Brothers that have clear bottom kayaks, Taino Aqua Adventures, Din Dins, and some others.

The cost to visit Mosquito Bay is usually around $45-$60 per person. As mentioned before, when planning your visit, you will  need to take the brightness of the moon into account. Luckily, there are calendars available that can help you with this. Make sure you call in advance to confirm with the tour company on how bright the moon is set to be. A good time of the year to visit Mosquito Bay would be in the dry season which is from July to December.

Three to four tours are offered every night and good days to visit the bay can be booked by taking a look at the bio bay calendar that is available online. To make reservations, you can call 787-403-5582 or use the official webpage.

Make sure you do not litter or do anything to throw the ecosystem off balance. Do not use bug repellents or lotions that can cause harm to the micro-organisms. You can come along with you picture or video taking device to capture the moments. Additionally, you can bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

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Other marine experiences in Puerto Rico to try

There are tons of other marine experiences that Puerto Rico has to offer you. Here are a few of them as seen below.

  • Riding a speed boat to Mona Islands where you can scuba dive
  • Ride a Catamaran to Culebra where you can snorkel
  • Visit Cayo Icacos
  • Wine and dine on picnic boat tours
  • Fly above the sea on a jet ski
  • Master deep sea fishing at Fajardo, etc.

Just to recap, the Mosquito Bay is unique and adventurous experience that you will surely love. Live out your fantasies of playing with the stars when you come to the infamous Mosquito Bay.  Come and discover the mesmerising marine life of Puerto Rico and try the exhilarating kayak tour.

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