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Hiking in Vieques – Discover the beauty and the best spots

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If you are a profound nature lover who enjoys hiking through trails with mesmerising views, hiking in Vieques is perfect for you. It has been described as a grounding experience that allows you to enjoy quiet beaches, nature, and most of all a safe environment. The Playa Grande Sugar Mill Ruins and beautiful coastline of Playa Grande are waiting to be explored by you. Take in the jewel-like sunset at the end of your hike, as you rest upon a rock behind Monte Pirata. Excited? -We cannot blame you. This truly is an experience best felt and will leave you telling good stories for decades to come.

The Benefits of Hiking in Vieques

Hiking is a great way to stay fit and healthy without restricting yourself to the gym. You get to exercise on your own terms, strengthen your core and develop the lean legs you have been coveting. It helps protect your bone density and lowers your blood pressure and sugar levels.

Hiking is known for burning tons of calories as it causes the body to use up to 28% more energy than walking on flat surfaces. It is helpful for boosting your body’s endurance capabilities as your body will adapt to using less oxygen.

It is a fantastic way to boost your brain and allow you to commune with nature. It is amazing because it reduces stress and anxiety levels, and keeps you calm which does wonders for your mental health. Spending time in the great outdoors is known for mustering up feelings of euphoria.

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We recommend you don some comfortable, sturdy-bottom shoes and carry around enough water to prevent dehydration. Dress comfortably and bring your picture or video taking devices as you will definitely want to capture some of the sights. Make sure you psyche your mind, as you will be doing a lot of walking. Aside this, you do not need much to enjoy the experience.

 The Best Hiking Spots in Vieques

  • Cayo de Tierra:  This is a little cay on the southern coast of Vieques that has fun, quaint islands that are accessed by walking on a thin isthmus of sand, stones or even seaweed that connect to the mainland. It is a great place to take beautiful photos and collect shells and coral pieces as souvenirs. There is a bar close by which is helpful for when you have ended your tour and are in need of a refreshing drink.
  • Treks to the Black Sand Beach and Puerto Ferro Lighthouse Ruins. You can walk along the long deserted beaches from Playa Grande until you tire out. This allows you to walk Sun Bay end to end.
  • Playa Grande Sugar Mill Ruins: You can opt to explore on your own or go with a tour guide. This will allow you to visit the museum in Esperanza. Make sure you walk carefully and have a GPS service that does not require internet service as there may be no network.
  • Querbada Urbano: This trail will take you west of the island and give you the opportunity to go on a treasure hunt of the little falls- especially during the rain season.
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Other Things to do in Vieques

Hiking is not the only activity available in Vieques. Here are some ideas on how to spend your time when you are not trekking.

  • You can visit one of the most popular attractions in ViequesBioluminescent bays. Enjoy a kayak tour through the neon waters. This is a great way to spend a night during a new moon.
  • You can snorkel with turtles in the warm, clear waters and have the experience of a lifetime at Mosquito Pier and Punta Arenas.
  • Another great idea would be to take pictures with the wild horses. These wild horses can be found everywhere in Vieques, especially in Sun Bay Beach, Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, and around the Ceiba Tree.
  • Cool down with some creamy ice cream from D’Frozz.
  • Enjoy the local cuisine around El Malceon and Isabel Segunda where you can find tons of restaurants and food trucks that will whet your appetite with their enticing aromas.

You can combine your hiking trip with a visit to the bio-bay, a walk down the beaches, some bird watching, a trip to the bar or grabbing some food to replenish your energy. The choice is yours.

Accommodations and Transportation in Vieques

Here are some accommodation options worth considering.

  • Casa de Amistad which has free Wifi and free parking
  • The Vieques Guesthouse which also has free Wifi and free parking
  • SeaGate Hotel which has free Wifi and free parking
  • Hix Island House which comes with free parking as well as a luxurious pool
  • Blok hotel which has a spectacular restaurant and bar/lounge
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If you are looking to get around town, you can book Viequez Taxi services in advance, as they tend to get very busy. You can also rent a car provided you are older than 25 years of age.

To enjoy your trip in Vieques it is a great idea to figure out how you intend to move around, where you will stay and what activities you would like to engage in beforehand.

To conclude, hiking in Vieques will be an adventure of a lifetime, an experience that can never be forgotten, and we highly recommend it.



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