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Info on Castillo San Felipe del Morro & Contact Details

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Few places in Puerto Rico’s history are more emblematic of the island’s history in the Caribbean, the Americas, and Castillo San Felipe del Morro. The fortification located on the island’s corner of Old San Juan now greets cruise ships as they navigate into and out. For most of its 500 years of history, it served as an essential outpost of the military for Spain and, later, the United States.

 As you pass through the narrow gate and look at the flags flying in the chilly Atlantic breeze, It’s easy to feel transported back to a different time in history. Imagine soldiers wearing old uniforms walking through the sand dunes of the wall, where cannons are snugly inserted inside the embrasures.

 Learn more about El Morro and the island’s past, as well as the reasons for the strategic location of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean which is meant as an essential port for those seeking to expand their reach into the New World, and how the United States used the fort throughout each of the World Wars.



Castillo San Felipe del Morro Contact Details

 Address: 501 Bulevar del Valle, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

 Phone: +17877296960

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