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Experience the Beauty of El Patrón Waterfall in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is home to tons of mind boggling tourist sites that are sure to take your breath away. It is never short of fun and engaging activities, or stunning sites that are suitable for all ages. There is something to do here for everyone.

One of these breath taking tourist attractions is the El Patrón Waterfall. It is very easy to access and is a great spot for taking stunning pictures to remember the day by. It is located in the town of Morovis but is on the Vega Baja boarder and is not too far from the capital city San Juan.

El Patrón is a popular hiking spot with easy to follow trails. It is a short waterfall with some muddy spots. It is known to be a great family adventure site.

The History and Characteristics of El Patrón Waterfall

The waters at the El Patrón waterfall are full of minerals, and have been known to leave skin and hair feeling softer after a dip inside. It is a fresh water waterfall that is usually blue (hence its name Charco Azul, which is translated as blue waterhole)  unless there has been recent rain, in which case it may be a murky brown. It is home to caves that allow sun beams to shine through and lots of rocks that are great for climbing.

El Patrón Waterfall is more or less, 40 feet tall. Hence, it is referred to as a small waterfall. The waterhole is a little deep and the hike up to the well known site is known to be quite steep and slippery. This is because of the bouts of rain that cause the terrain to become muddy, and rocks to become slippery. It is advised that great care is taken while trekking here lest you fall down and your clothes become muddy.

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There is a time and season for everything- and touring a new country is no different. When visiting popular spots in foreign lands, it is always a good idea to have some fair knowledge about what the best times to visit are. This helps protect your safety and security to prevent against the occurrence of any unfortunate mishaps. The El Patrón Waterfalls is not an exemption to this. In fact, knowing the best times to visit may make your journey all the more worthwhile.

Without further ado, El Patrón is characterised by slippery rocks and trails, as such you will definitely want to avoid going there whilst it is raining or just after it has rained. The falls are truly magnificent during the day as the sunlight enhances its beauty, so any time from the morning to afternoon would be a great choice. If you are looking to avoid. encountering many other people whilst on your little adventure, you could consider going on a weekday. This will allow you to feel like you have the whole place to yourself.

How to Visit El Patrón Waterfall

The easiest way to get to El Patrón Falls is to take Route 22 to Road 137. It is about an hour’s drive from San Juan.  Look out for a Walgreens. Just after the Walgreens, at KM 17.4, turn right onto Road 6617 and continue until KM 1.8. When coming this direction, you will see an abandoned house on right as you come around the corner. On the left, you will see an abandoned house with the trail sort of hidden in the tall grass. It is a good idea to park on the left of this and follow the trail to the waterfall, using either side of the abandoned house.

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As with any aspect in life, it is always great to come well prepared so you can handle any situation with ease. El Patrón Waterfalls is no different. It is best to bring along your camera or video taking device to capture the scenery and take some pictures of the great time you are having. Additionally, make sure you wear comfortable clothes, and, perhaps, come along with an extra set in case you decide to swim. Ensure you wear comfy and sturdy shoes with a good sole grip. You can pack swimwear and towels too. Come along with some water in case you get thirsty and some bug spray.

At the El Patrón Waterfall is a short, simple walk with refreshing and revitalising water. It has a small pool at the base of the falls where many enjoy taking a dip.

Things to do at El Patrón Waterfall

As you may know by now, El Patrón is a beautiful place to visit. It is a great place to hike as there are so many rocks. It is also a fantastic place to swim. You can also stop after your walk on the trail, and enjoy a picnic at the foot of the cascading waterfall by the pool.

Since the hike around this waterfall is roughly thirty minutes long, you can opt to go in the morning or early afternoon, enjoy the sites and visit other tourist attractions in the beautiful Puerto Rico. That is one way to spend the day and make the most of your visit at the waterfalls.

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Other Natural Attractions in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a treasure trove of natural attractions. Some places that may beckon to you are the bioluminescent bays found in Lajas, Fajardo, and Vieques. Additionally, you can be mesmerised by the Flamenco Beach in Culebra or the Rio Camuy Caves in Arecibo. Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve is another beautiful natural attraction that can be found in Puerto Rico.

Now that you know al about the beauty and majesty of the El Patrón Waterfalls- its mesmerising cascading waters, its revitalizing pool, why not head down as soon as you can and experience it for yourself. Come to Puerto Rico and fall in love with all the natural wonders it has to offer you. What are you waiting for? The time is now!


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