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Info on Hacienda Cafe Lareño & Their Contact Details

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Hacienda Cafe Lareño is a fourth-generation of coffee producers and processors of top quality coffee Luis E. Alcover owner and wife Vilma Rodriguez, opened their doors on the 9th of April 1989 in his hometown located in Lares, PR, in order to realize an idea they were in the making for some time, the creation of a brand new coffee called Cafe Laredo. 

They, Vilma and Luis, take care to cover every step of the traditional production of coffee, beginning with the cultivation and picking process de-pulping, drying, cleaning the coffee, roasting, hulling, grinding, and packing, so that you can experience the delightful flavour that comes from Cafe Laredo. 

Hacienda Cafe Lareño Contact Details

Address: Rd. 128, Km 57.7, Barrio La Torre, Lares, PR 

 Phone: 787-897-7762 


 Email: [email protected] 

 Facebook: Cafe-Lareno-Torrefaccion 


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