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Puerto Rico Resorts in San Juan

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Puerto Rico, which means rich port, got its name from the presence of gold nuggets and many natural resources found on the island. However, it appears today that there is more than gold in Puerto Rico. This is so because San Juan, the capital of modern-day Puerto Rico, is widely known as one of the world’s hubs for the best vacation experiences. Resorts in San Juan makes this experience spurs not just out of its magnificent splendor but also out of its rich culture and heritage.

Puerto Rico has some great resorts and is also culture is a unique blend of African, Spanish, and Taino origins, which gives both natives and visitors a rich experience.  Along with the rich culture and heritage, you would find exquisite resorts that meet your need.

5 San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Highest Rated and Must Visit Resorts 

Finding out about the best places to be in the Caribbean can now be done without hassle. Puerto Rico has approximately 270 miles long of very beautiful beaches and offers a variety of top tourists attraction in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Below are the top Puerto Rico resorts in San Juan.

La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort

Whether you are diurnal or nocturnal, this is the place for you. La Concha lives and is active round the clock. It has one of the dopest nightclubs in the city with an only adult’s beachfront terrace, poolside DJs, and the best champagne brunches you can only dream of and is ideal for beach boot camps.


The Condado Plaza Hilton

This haven is sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Condado Lagoon. It offers indigenous, Italian, and savoring continental cuisines great for foodies and anyone looking forward to exploring the world of cuisines.

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Dorado Beach

This exclusive beach resort is approximately 30minutes away from San Juan. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the glamourous ponds sites, a park, luxury spa, private pools, rooftop terraces with several restaurants, and many more.


The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan

After Hurricane Maria hit Isle Verde, the Ritz-Carlton was extensively renovated and reopened in 2018. It is perfectly seated on 2miles of glassy sandy beach. It has several restaurants, executive suites, saunas, steam rooms, and relaxing views.


Condado Vanderbilt

An all-time splendor and luxurious resort elegantly designed for the best of comfort, with each feature screaming affluence and glamour. Amenities include a spa, infinity pools, lounges, kitchenettes, etc.


Ideal Time to Make a Trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico 

The best of the island can be seen after the winter season, which is from mid-April to June. Around this time, things are more expensive than usual, and the island is crowded. However, you would enjoy the season and have clear weather to visit all the interesting places. Trips during the fall are relatively cheaper, but hurricanes are likely to occur. If you are on a budget and adventurous, the fall could be your ideal choice.

Whatever your reason for visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico, either for a vacation, honeymooning, site seeing, finding a connection to your roots, or research, you will be glad you made a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico most especially if you use the cheapest flights to Puerto Rico.

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