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In times past, all inclusive resorts attracted guests on a budget, families with underaged children, and less adventurous guests. The type of guests has changed in recent times, and hence resorts are now finding more innovative ways of entertaining guests by upgrading packages.

Why Choose an All Inclusive Resort Over a Non All Inclusive Resort 

  • To make sure you’re not spending more than you’ve budgeted.
  • To avoid the stress and hassle of planning external excursions and sightseeing.
  • To considerably reduce the cost of moving from the resort to other destinations which may be hours away and back.
  • To keep extra spending the minimal, even if there has to be any additional spending.
  • To suit various group members because there will be several activities for different people and there wouldn’t be the need to break groups for other activities of the resort ground.
  • Enjoy more and spend relatively more less when you take advantage of all your resort offers.
  • To enjoy a discount on off-ground excursions when you book with the resort.
  • To feel super safe enjoying nightlife without leaving the resort.

4 Unusually Exhilarating Activities to Engage in an All Inclusive Resort, San Juan

All-inclusive resorts in San Juan, Puerto Rico, offer the very best amenities, such as world-class golf courses, spas, ferries, and exciting activities for their guests such as swimming in infinity pools, sky diving, and kayaking. However, there are other subtle and unusually exhilarating activities such as:

  1. Sunrise and sunset viewing. If you love watching quietly as birds across the sky or love seeing how beautifully the night sky glitter with stars, you would also love the terraces of Hacienda Tamarindo that allow a 360-degree view of its surroundings well as the sky.
  2. Do you love listening to and watching the native male coqui tree frog? This can usually be done after rainfall. This coqui frog is believed to have greeted the Tainos when they arrived from Boriken.
  3. Keeping the body fit. Don’t be surprised because there’s nothing as relaxing as taking the body through a good exercise. San Juan, Puerto Rico, All-inclusive resorts have great fitness and wellness centers.
  4. Visit the luxurious spa if available in the all-inclusive resort to pamper your body. This will allow you to enjoy other activities even more.
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