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Info On Hacienda Pomarrosa & Their Contact Details

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Hacienda Pomarrosa is the coffee lovers’ ideal place to stay. It’s a coffee plantation that is mingled with a lodge near the foot of the highest mountain on the island. This eco-tourism and agrotourism adventure provides a variety of cabins in which to stay and relax in nature and get acquainted with the signature coffee. 

 Hacienda Pomarrosa is located at an elevation of approximately. 3000 feet in the city of Ponce situated at the base of the tallest mountain within Puerto Rico (Cerro Punta, which is located at 4400 feet). Views from Ponce’s Hacienda are breathtaking. On one side is the highest mountain peak, while on the south side is the broad perspective from the Caribbean Sea with its cooling air that is to be a dream. 

 In addition, they provide an exclusive tour of the process by which their cafe Café Pomarrosa is created. From the beginning of planting to packaging, take a tour of the manufacturing process and, in the end, taste the flavour of the finished coffee drink product. Hacienda Pomarrosa is an active coffee plantation established in 1995. They make premium gourmet coffee. The coffee they harvest is processed at the Hacienda, including roasting and packing. 

 Alongside the coffee they serve, they have the lodge. Its Bed & Breakfast consists of three separate villas as well as two apartments. They are all situated in lush, tropical settings with views of the ocean. The units are stylishly equipped and sleep two guests each. The larger units feature sofa beds that can sleep up to four people.

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Working Hours

   Sunday: 12 am-11:59 pm

   Monday: 12 am-11:59 pm

   Tuesday: 12 am-11:59 pm

   Wednesday: 12 am-11:59 pm

   Thursday: 12 am-11:59 pm

   Friday: 12 am-11:59 pm

   Saturday: 12 am-11:59 pm

Hacienda Pomarrosa Contact Details

Address: Rd. 511 & Rd. 143, Bo. Anón, Sector Hogares Seguros, Ponce, PR

Phone: 787-460-8934 / 787-844-3541

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


Facebook: HaciendaPomarrosaPR

Instagram: hacienda-pomarrosa


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