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Info on Hacienda Iluminada & 787 Coffee & Their Contact Details

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Hacienda Iluminada & 787 Coffee produce and process, as well as process their own beans. They are proud of the eco-friendly and sustainable practices they employ, and their mission remains the same. To offer each customer the best coffee while supporting local economies. 

 Employing local workers and paying USA wages, and providing quality of life to people is what we’re about. 787 Coffee and Hacienda Iluminada is a family-owned and environmentally sustainable farm. 

 Tour the Farm 

 Explore the stunning mountains and visit the coffee plantation as you learn everything you need to know about cultivating, processing and roasting one-origin coffees that are speciality Puerto Rican coffee. For fun and to discover all 

 Tours include: 

 Welcome Drink Drink 

 A brief history and introduction to Hacienda Iluminada & 787 Coffee. 

 A visit to the farm, with an explanation of the impact of Maria’s hurricane. Maria. 

 Coffee Picking and Processing (Harvesting Season only). 

 Coffee Roasting. 

 Brewing Methods. 

 The free Cup of Goodness – 787 Coffee 

 There are limited numbers of dates and spots. Contact them for reservations.

Hacienda Iluminada & 787 Coffee Contact Details

 Location: 128 Rd km 30 (Interior), Maricao, PR 

 Phone: 1-888-629-1004 


 Email: [email protected] 


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