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Info on Hacienda Buena Vista, Ponce & Their Contact Details

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Hacienda Buena Vista is also called Hacienda Vives (or Buena Vista Plantation in English) was a coffee plantation situated within Barrio Magueyes, Ponce, Puerto Rico. The first plantation was established early in the nineteenth century. The plantation was established in 1833 by Don Salvador de Vives.

 The Hacienda is situated on an 81.79 acres (331,000 square meters) of land that comprises a humid subtropical forest about 7 miles (11 kilometres) to the north of Ponce on Route PR-123 located in Corral Viejo and a barrio located in Barrio Magueyes. This plantation home was constructed with a Spanish Colonial style, with the surrounding buildings built using the traditional Criollo style. The original Hacienda comprised the area of 482 cuerdas (approx. 468 acres).

The once important coffee plantation and a small fruit plantation were the backdrops for a unique relationship between water, land, and slavery. The present-day heart of the former plantation has been carefully restored to its historical enclosure, with structures that are over a century of age and a unique hydraulic turbine.

It is owned now through its owner, the Fideicomiso de Conservacion de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Conservation Trust), who manages it as a museum that was opened in.

Rehabilitated and operating, the machine is driven by the water that flows from the Canas River and still serves as the engine of other machinery. See and feel how the river’s force transformed into a motion to digest food. Take a breath of cool air in the trees of subtropical rainforest and join an expert in the field of history and the natural world to discover the multi-cultural landscape of oranges, cocoa coffee, bananas, and many more fruits. For more details, please call Conservation Trust for more information. 

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Hacienda Buena Vista (Buena Vista Plantation), Ponce Contact Details

Phone: 787-284-7020

Coordinates: 18.083648959801994, -66.65404673134705

Address: Road #123, km. 17.3, Ponce, PR


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