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Info on Fuerte San Cristobal & Their Contact Details

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El Fuerte San Cristobal is located in the city of Thanks department of Lempira and is situated on a small ridge in the town. It was at one time the heart of Gracias a Dios, which was once the capital of New Spain and headquartered in Real Audiencia de Los Confines in 1544.

Gracias was a strategically important city inside Honduras’ Province of Honduras in the Colonial era, and later during the pro-independence time and finally during the Central American federal transition. The first fort of Spanish origin was constructed in the 17th century located on the mountain “San Cristobal” and from two cannons bearing the symbol of Carlos IV of Spain are still in use.

The fort was rebuilt on order from Juan Lindo, fearing an invasion by Guatemala. However, it wasn’t until 1863 that construction of the present fort was begun and was completed between 1875-1876 under the leadership and command of General Jose Maria Medina. The purpose of the fort was to defend the city from the position of being attacked by the enemy armies.

From its walls, which were painted white, there are guns and cannons to protect the outer perimeter. Several turrets were used for monitoring, as well as the of the headquarters, including the command centre hospital, etc.



Fuerte San Cristobal Contact Details

 Address: 501 Bulevar del Valle, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

 Phone: +17874494049


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