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Info About Hacienda Tres Picachos & Their Contact Details

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It is the Hacienda Tres Picachos Coffee Company, founded in the year 1960, was bought at the end of 1999 by the Martinez Rivera family, which has dedicated several years to the cultivation and preparation of the highest quality Puerto Rican coffee. The mission of the family is to create the most refined coffee every single day that is a delight to the most discerning palate and shows the superiority that is Puerto Rican coffee. It covers two hundred and seventy acres, including 150 dedicated to coffee cultivation and the rest for different agricultural commodities.

The helpful staff will take you on tours of all the amenities of the Hacienda Cafe Tres Picachos, by arrangement, Monday through Sunday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Call us to make reservations and more information.


The Cafe Tres Picachos have an antiquities museum as well as objects that are related to the tradition of Taino aborigines. You and your friends will love to see and learn new stuff here.

Working Hours

   Sunday: 9 am-3 pm

   Monday: 7 am-4 pm

   Tuesday: 7 am-4 pm

   Wednesday: 7 am-4 pm

   Thursday: 7 am-4 pm

   Friday: 7 am-4 pm

   Saturday: 9 am-4 pm


Hacienda Tres Picachos Contact Details

Address: Rd. 144, Ramal 539, km 2.7, Bo. Saliente, Jayuya, PR

Phone: 787-510-6353 / 787-828-2121


Email: [email protected]


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