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Gilligan’s Island: everything you need to know to enjoy your visit

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Puerto Rico, perhaps everyone’s favourite island, is well known for its blue skies, clear surrounding waters, good food, and great culture. It is a treasure trove of stunning natural attractions that not only captivate locals, but tourists too. One of such attractions is Gilligan’s Island, which is the feature of this article.

Gilligan’s Island is a tiny island that is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Guánica, Puerto Rico. It is popular amongst the locals and many tourists for swimming, snorkelling, beach-time, and kayaking. Gilligan’s Island is officially known as Cayo Aurora.

It is surrounded by a healthy mangrove system and is well known for being: Gilligan’s Island, a snorkeler’s haven. It is blessed with crystal clear waters and schools of tropical fish. It even has a few places that have live and healthy coral. What a delight!

In this article you will find lots of facts and information, as well as tips that may be useful if you make up your mind to visit Gilligan’s Island (which you probably will by the end of this piece!)

How to Get To Gilligan’s Island

When going somewhere new, it is always a good idea to be well prepared. Navigating a foreign area can be especially challenging at times. That is why this article is here to help. A little aid goes a long way. Here, is how to get to Gilligan’s Island.

Gilligan’s Island is one of the most beautiful offshore Caribbean locations . This tiny island located off the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico in the town of Guánica (as mentioned before). There are some local boats and companies that transport travellers to or from Gilligan’s Island. If you happen to be a guest of Copamarina Beach Resort, there is a private boat that runs exclusive trips to/from the island (how fancy). Alternatively, you can opt to get to the beautiful island straight from Guanica by kayaking for roughly about 20 minutes.

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You can take Route 333 and go past Cana Gorda, after which you make a right turn after passing Copa Marina resort. A little bit down on the right, is the San Jacinto ferry launch. Going further,  and following the signs will lead you to MaryLee’s by the Sea, a perfect place if you want to rent kayaks or get their motorboat ride over.

Logistics for Going to the Island

Here are some useful things or logistics to bear in mind when going to the stunning Gilligan’s Island.

Gilligan’s Island is open daily from 9am – 5pm. Ferries operate within these hours and can take you to or from the island. The first trip that leaves to Gilligan’s Island is from 9 to 10 am and the return trip is at 5 pm. It’s closed on Mondays (except holiday Mondays).

Renting a kayak will cost you about $15 per hour or $35 per day for double kayaks, and $10 per hour or $25 per day for single kayaks. On the other hand, if you take a motorboat, it may cost about  $8 to $10 per person to take you over to or back from Gilligan’s Island.

In addition to the above, there is an hourly ferry that departs from San Jacinto Restaurant (located just after turn onto route 333) for about $10 per person round trip (you will have to pay additional money for things like coolers or chairs, and consider taxes that may cause price increments- so remember to budget properly ). This restaurant will deliver a lunch to you on the island if you so wish. In case you want to contact them, their phone number is 787-821-4941.

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What to expect at Gilligan’s Island

It is always great to have a fair idea of what to expect beforehand in pretty much every situation- especially when visiting someplace new. Due to this, we have prepared a little insight that you might find useful when you take the trip to the gorgeous Gilligan’s Island. So, without further ado, here is what to expect at Gilligan’s Island.

It has a few very dainty or small, sandy beaches, but it is mostly covered with mangrove trees. There is a small beach on the north-west side of the island that has a roped-off swimming area that is marked with buoys to protect swimmers and snorkelers from watercraft. It is good to remember that there are no life guards so swimming will be at your own risk.

You can expect to find some lovely coral formations and the place a perfect snorkelling area. The water that surrounds the area is crystal clear and warm. The bottom is sandy and people can swim all around and through the mangrove channels.

There are a number of picnic pavilions that are quite close to each other on the northern side of the island. You may also be lucky enough to find some of them with BBQ pits, changing huts, a bathroom, and trash cans.

In addition to this, there is a pier for boats to tie onto when loading/unloading passengers.

It is good to remember to bring bug spray or lotions along and apply generously as there are tons of ravenous mosquitoes that are sure to make a meal of you.

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There are only a couple trails through the trees and very few open areas where you could set up your beach camp. You can spread out your beach blanket on the small beach, just on the right of the pier and enjoy a picnic or do some sunbathing.

The sea floor is covered with underwater hills of finger coral which will give you lots of pretty sights when you snorkel. There are a decent number of fish here such as puffer fish, barracuda, and big red starfishes- just like you see on television.

You may also notice a few fishermen in boats, conch hunters and spear fishermen in the reef areas where you snorkel.

Gilligan’s Island is obviously a fantastic place to visit and make holiday memories that leave a smile on your face forever. Hurry on down and experience it for yourself as soon as you can. You will not regret it!

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