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Sailing Cruise on the Katarina in Puerto Rico

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What better way to experience luxury than Sailing Cruise on the Katarina in Puerto Rico? If you want to feel like a movie star or very important person, sailing on a cruise will surely do that. In Puerto Rico, you can do just that. The Katarina is a top sailing vessel in Puerto Rico that is well known for being one of the favourite hot cakes of tourists.

It is a calming and relaxing experience where you get to experience different views such as the lighthouse, Tres Palmas Marine and many others. This experience is a must-have and will leave you feeling refreshed and provide you with some great memories too.

The history and characteristics of the Katarina

The Katarina is the only charter on the west coast of Puerto Rico that treats you to an all inclusive day or evening sail. It offers  great music, an attentive crew and room for everyone. It is an intimate boat capable of safely sailing children, families, groups and spring break parties. They offer snorkelling, afternoon sunset sailing and private charters.

It is characterised by being budget friendly, an eye opening cultural experience, and inclusive as it is a great way for groups, families, and couples to spend time together. It can be a romantic cruise or a great way to enjoy your leisure and get some relaxing done.

Katarina Sail Charters  is located in at the Black Eagle Marina in Rincón, on the west coast of Puerto Rico (about 2.5 hours from San Juan). It is all inclusive, so you can just step aboard, relax, and let someone bring you a drink or a snack as you enjoy being out on the water.

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The Katarina is a 32ft catamaran that can carry up to seventeen passengers and two crew members. It has twin Hulls for great stability so you will have a smooth sailing journey with a 36ft mast and 4’ draft. They are Coast Guard Certified and Documented Vessel and also USCG Certified Captain and experienced Mate.

The boat is fully equipped with life jackets for adults and children, VHF radio, an EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon), toilet for passenger convenience, and ample seating either on the deck, or in the shade under a top.

Since the Katarina is on a mooring ball a short distance from the shore, all of the  guests board an 18ft Carolina Skiff that will transfer them to the Katarina. Boarding the big boat is a breeze as it is easy for even the most tired knees.

It is best to book your tour during the summer so you experience calm seas and smooth sails. During winter, it can get very rough as there can be big waves that  make it so.

How to book a sailing cruise on the Katarina in Puerto Rico

To book a tour, you can visit the Katarina Sail Charters web site or their Facebook page. Additionally, you can call them on their line: 787-823-7245, or send them an email at [email protected] . Make sure to arrive about 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the cruise as you will be required to fill in some paperwork.

The experience will cost you about $85 for adults and $42.50 for kids. Tours are run seven days a week. There is a morning snorkel sail that sets off at 9:30 am. There is also an afternoon sunset sail. You will meet at the beach called the Black Eagle Marina where you will see the sailboat anchored at the cove. There is a small skiff that is used to ferry you between the beach and the sailboat (as mentioned above). It takes about four hours to complete this tour.

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There are plenty of places to sit, lay down, stand up, etc so comfortability will not be an issue for you. You can move about on the boat as you please so you can get the best views or relax in the sun. You will be served with an array of freshly cut fruits, and offered juices and sodas, as well as other drinks. As the journey progresses, you will be educated on the sights you see along the way,, how life is in Rincon, the sailing company, surf conditions, and the wildlife in the area. In addition to the above, you will snorkel at the Tres Palmas Marine reserve. You will be provided with lunch and beverages.

Things to do and see during a sailing cruise on the Katarina in Puerto Rico

As mentioned before, during your time sailing cruise on the Katarina you will be able to see a number of gorgeous sights such as forests, various beaches, and some of the most attractive parts of the city that Puerto Rico has to offer.

To make the most of the cruise, here are some suggestions. Make sure to bring your picture or video taking device along with you as you most definitely will want to capture the breath-taking moments that are bound to occur. If you are happy with the services being provided, say at the bar for example, make sure to let the people rendering them know. A little tip goes a long way and helps the feel more appreciated and motivated to keep up their good work. You can bring a change of clothes, a towel to dry off after swimming or snorkelling, some sunscreen to protect against the sun rays, and a tummy well prepared to enjoy the tantalising cuisine that is on offer.

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Other adventure activities in Puerto Rico to try

There are so many other adventures available to try in Puerto Rico. You will never be short of things to do. Some of these are: hiking at the El Yunque National Forest, visiting any one of three bio bays located at Lajas, Vieques, or Fajardo, walking the streets of Old San Juan, going to any of the number of beaches on offer such as the Flamenco Beach, and so many more. Your options are endless!

Are you convinced yet? There is so much beauty to be discovered on this magical journey. Come and discover the beauty and relaxation of Puerto Rico by sailing on the Katarina.

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