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Flights to Puerto Rico from Boston

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Getting to Puerto Rico from Boston isn’t as tricky as you’d think. There are currently 20+ open flights from Boston to Puerto Rico within the next seven days alone.

It’s no surprise that Puerto Rico is a top destination for many travellers. Its rich culture and landscape are a sight to behold. Whether it’s sightseeing at the Old San Juan or you need a timeout from it all, Puerto Rico can be your destination too.

Now, flight plans can tend to be pricey, but you can find cheap plans if you are the know-how.

This article will explore the cheapest flight booking sites and some tips on getting shocking deals on your travel from Boston to Puerto Rico. Let’s get to it.

Finding Cheap Deals Flights to Puerto Rico from Boston

Did you know there are multiple flights from Boston to Puerto Rico for under $200? It’s true. You can find the best flight plan rates from these online booking agencies:

You may not just want a cheap flight but a guarantee that you get to Puerto Rico on time and in some comfort. Data from Cheapflights shows these are most likely to get you from Boston to Puerto Rico on time:

How far in advance should I book ?

When compared to reserving the same week of travel, travellers have discovered that buying a flight 47 days in advance saves up to 9%. As your departure date approaches, the price of this flight route may rise.

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While booking 47 days in advance may not be an option for everyone, there are still other options for securing a discount earlier. You might be able to find a trip from Boston to Puerto Rico for as little as $226 if you book 1-2 weeks in advance or $232 if you book within the next 24 hours.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Puerto Rico from Boston?

August is one of the finest months to fly from Boston to Puerto Rico. Prices for August are on average $252 per person, but they can go as low as $104.

December is when you’ll find the most expensive pricing. When compared to reserving in December, flying in August can save you 104 per cent on your trip.

When travelling from Boston to Puerto Rico, the time of day you fly out has little to no impact on the overall cost of your tickets.

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