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Explore Puerto Rico by Ferry – The Best Routes and Tips

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To enjoy sight seeing with fewer crowds and at affordable rates, touring Puerto Rico with a ferry is a great option to consider. With some beforehand planning, you can spend the day on a trip to offshore islands like Culebra and Vieques. Boarding a ferry is a convenient way to get around and explore.

There are a number of ferry routes available on the enchanting island. A few of them will be mentioned below.  There is a Ceiba Ferry which lets you travel to Vieques and Culebra- about an hour and a half away from San Juan. You can opt to board the Cayo Aurora Ferry and take a look at Gilligan’s Island. La Paguera Nature Reserve also offers water taxis, charters and tours that give you the opportunity explore the quaint cays of La Pagurea as ferries do not go there. Additionally, the Catano Ferry is an option that takes you around Old San Juan.

The Benefits of Taking Ferries in Puerto Rico

Again, ferries are a great way to get around from island to island without having to deal with so many crowds. They are affordable and you get to feel the sea breeze against your face as you move through the water.

A few tips to help you make the most of your ferry ride will be shared. As aforementioned, it is best to book tickets in advance. Additionally, morning passages are helpful as they serve as a buffer in case you get turned away. Weekends and holidays are usually quite busy times, and so you might want to avoid them. Ensure you have a ticket for yourself and any form of luggage you plan yo carry along. It is a good idea to stay near the ferry terminal the night before you leave. Pack snacks and enough water and wear sunscreen.

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You can buy tickets ahead of time by visiting online ferry ticket pages and following the prompts. Tickets can also be bought in person at the ferry ticket window before your trip. A restricted number of tickets are sold online and since they tend to sell out fast, in-person tickets should be available for purchase.

The Best Ferry Routes in Puerto Rico

Here are a few of the best ferry routes in Puerto Rico.

  • Ceiba Ferry: this is approximately an hour and a half’s journey from San Juan. This will allow you to enjoy the quiet islands of Vieques and Culebra conveniently.
  • Cayo Aurora Ferry: this route will take you west of the town Guanica so you can relish the beaches, nature reserve, and other attractions in the area. Sights here are perfect for all ages and you can spend the day swimming or snorkelling or on a picnic. The ferry works all week. Trips are made every half hour from 9am to 5pm.
  • Catano Ferry: this trip is great if you want to visit the rum distillery or enjoy an affordable sunset cruise to capture some breath-taking pictures. The ride is about five minutes long and the ferry runs everyday, every fifteen minutes from 6am to 10pm.
  • Caja de Muerto Cruise: this ferry goes along the southern coast of Puerto Rico and takes you to the beautiful Caja de Muerto Island. This is a nature reserve where you can snorkel, go hiking or laze around on the beach.

Other Things to do on the Ferry

To make the most of your time on the ferry you can explore the ship, take a seat in an armchair or cabin, relax and watch a movie ore read, or listen to music. You can also make conversation with your friends and family or other passengers to pass the time. Perhaps you can even play a game!

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There may be beverages available on the ferry, a clean bathroom, comfy seats- and of course, a beautiful view.

Other Considerations for Taking Ferries in Puerto Rico

Some rules to abide by are

  • do not litter
  • only take up space you need
  • do not leave luggage unattended
  • maintain security and transparency
  • do not smoke while on board
  • upon arrival at destination, kindly disembark
  • do not run
  • listen to announcements in case of emergency
  • ask for help if needed
  • familiarise yourself with the location of life jackets

These regulations and the above mentioned tips are sure to help you enjoy a smooth ferry trip.

So, as you can see, taking ferries around the island are an affordable and convenient way to tour Puerto Rico’s gorgeous islands. Book one now and discover new destinations.




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