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Ceiba International Airport – Be Prepared for Your Next Flight!

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The Ceiba International Airport was opened towards the end of November in 2008. It can be found at the old Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Ceiba. This airport is said to be a replacement of the recently shut down Diego Jimenez Torres Airport in Fajardo. This airport has economical flights for people who want to fly to Vieques or other nearby islands.

Flight catching can be a little stressful at times and so it is always a good idea to stay prepared, especially when travelling through a new airport. It is always best to arrive early to avoid feeling rushed and forgetting anything. It is advised to only drink water before a flight and prepare for motion sickness. Additionally, pay rapt attention to safety instructions that are given out before the plane takes off.

Essential Information about the Ceiba International Airport

The Ceiba International Airport, also known as Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport covers an area of 1,646 acres of land. It has one designated runway with asphalt and concrete surfaces that  measure about 11,000 ft by 150 ft. Additionally, there is a closed runway which measure 5,800 ft by 100 ft.

The interior of the airport consists of counters for various airlines that run planes back and forth, usually on schedule. There are clean bathrooms and perhaps, an open snack bar where you can purchase a few items in case you start to feel peckish.

There is a parking lot that opens all week from 6 am to 7 pm and charges $1 for the first hour and 50 cents for every additional hour. All day parking costs $9. Both cash and credit are accepted.

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Tips for a smooth and stress-free flight at the Ceiba International Airport.

The check-in and security processes at the Ceiba International airport are no different than any airport’s anywhere else in the world. Officials at the counters will check required documents to verify your identity, after which you will be issued a boarding pas that has all your travel details like seat number, scheduled departure time, etc.

With regards to security, hand luggage will be inspected, you will be inspected and your boarding pass will be scanned- the usual.

To make your trip as smooth as possible, you can bring a neck pillow, some good music on your hand held device, something pre-downloaded to watch to keep you occupied or a good book. It is best to leave behind any sharp objects, sporting goods, self defence items, large quantities of alcohol, guns and any ammunition, as well as gel-type candles.

There is not much to do aside waiting when at the airport. You can grab a snack from the snack bar if it is open, or take a little wander around to gaze at the views. To keep yourself occupied and to make the most of your time at the Ceiba International Airport, it is best to carry your own forms of entertainment such as books, music, downloaded series or movies, and the like.

Other Considerations for Flying at the Ceiba International Airport

Again, the basic rules of any airport apply here, at the Ceiba International Airport. Do not carry around any sharp or hazardous objects that may pose harm to both yourself and others. Do not carry any harmful chemicals or substances, or large amounts of alcohol. Check in on time and follow the directives of security personnel- remember they are there for your safety.

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Delays, though inconvenient, should be at the back of your mind. They are unpredictable occurrences that aim to be resolved as quickly as possible. Delays are most often opportunities to ensure the flight stays 100% safe. In light of this, it is a good idea to handle delays with patience and a modicum of decorum. Avoid lashing out at airport staff who are probably just as stressed out as you. It is beyond both your and their control and they are doing all they can to set things straight.

In hindsight, the Ceiba International Airport is an affordable way to fly around and arrive at closely neighbouring islands. Always remember to come as prepared as you would to any other airport in the world. An airport is an airport, no matter where you are. Hopefully, with the use of this insider knowledge, you will be able to make the most of your airport experience.



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