Puerto Rican Food: Your Daily Food

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Are you looking for food with a blend of Europe, Africa, and native Tainos cooking practices and traditions? Maybe simply looking for food to stir up your senses? Then your search ends here with the Puerto Rican food.

Puerto Rican food have warmed their way into the heart of several people by serving the best food.

Travelling on a cheap flight to Puerto is one of the best things you can do because they also present you with foods that will take you on a journey as you savor the mixture of ingredients in a food.

What you need to know about Puerto Ricans food

Native and imported ingredients such as spices, herbs, salty, meaty, and crunchy foods help distinguish their food. Their cooking styles and practices are one key that spices up their food and makes it a delight to those who eat it.

Having Puerto Rico food is a ticket to a tasty adventure!

‘Must-Eat’ foods in Puerto Rico

While the Puerto Ricans can present some of their numerous foods to you, there are some ‘must-eat’ foods for you. Foods like Tripleta; are made with chicken, ham and beef, and Asopao; and even Pernil, the famous food known for its savor.

Pernil: One food is seen at Puerto Rican festivities like weddings or birthdays. It is a famous dish known for its crunchy skin and tender meat that falls off the bone. This food is a succulent roasted pork shoulder which is usually seasoned in paprika, vinegar, salt, garlic and oregano.


Arroz con Gandules: Arroz con gandules is one meal for which every family has their unique recipe. It consists of rice, pigeon peas and sofrito, an aromatic flavoring base made with peppers, onions, garlic and coriander.

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Tripleta: Its name is derived from the fact that it contains three types of meat. The meat is usually placed in a loaf of bread and topped with fries, ketchup, cheese, vegetables and mayonnaise.


Tostones: It is a side dish made from unripe, green, and hard plantains that are usually sliced and then profoundly fried until they become golden. They are most times served with garlic mojo sauce.


Mofongo: Mofongo is a food made from unripe fried plantain, which is mashed. It is usually served with fried meat and broth.

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