New Year’s Eve In Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ricans celebrate the new year with loved ones and family. During new year’s eve in Puerto Rico traditional dishes are served: Arroz con gandulesor roast pig, pasteles pitorro and coquito. They also serve rice pudding or the tembleque. Did you have any idea that the people of Puerto Rico throw a bucket of water from their windows to ward off evil spirits?

Another popular tradition that originates from Spain is eating 12 grapes at midnight during the final twelve seconds of the closing year. The ceremony involves eating the grapes with every ring of the clock. The belief is that eating all of the grapes could bring about an abundance of luck when you end up eating all of the grapes.

Another custom is to sprinkle sugar on their homes to bring luck. And lastly, when you’re at a nearby beach, you can drop backward in the waves when the clock hits twelve to keep evil luck away and celebrate theNew Year’s Eve In Puerto Rico.

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