Museo del Mar In Puerto Rico

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El Museo del Mar is an excellent little museum dedicated to the nautical lifestyle. There are a variety of ship models, such as Christopher Columbus’ caravels and the cruise vessel Carnival Victory.

Additionally, you’ll find a fascinating sketch from The Battle of San Juan (1797), where Puerto Rican forces were able to take on their adversaries, the English, in a bloody struggle for the capital and, of course, the most extensive collection of lifesavers anywhere in the world, as per Guinness Records. 

The Museum houses an impressive collection of models of ships that span from the 15th century up to today. Old navigation tools are on display and presentations that examine the story of San Juan as an essential Caribbean seaport.

While exploring Old San Juan, you could add a bit of excitement and spice to your visit by visiting the Museo del Mar. The Museum is small and is a short but informative and enjoyable introduction to the sea-based tradition that has played an essential role in establishing Puerto Rico’s social, cultural, and economic identity.

Working Hours

  • Sunday: 10 am-5 pm
  • Tuesday: 10 am-5 pm
  • Wednesday: 10 am-5 pm
  • Thursday: 10 am-5 pm
  • Friday: 10 am-5 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am-5 pm

Museo del Mar Address:

360 C. de San Francisco, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

Phone: +1 787-977-4461


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