Festival Nacional Indígena

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Puerto Rico is an island famous for its heritage and culture and its historical past. The Jayuya region is a testament to this history and is home to the Taino tribe, who inhabited islands before the Spanish discovered the Island. This region also is home to the highest peak in the world and where take place the Festival Nacional Indígena.

The festival Nacional Indígena celebrates Puerto Rico’s ancestral roots and its influence on Taino tradition and culture. It is a town in Jayuya that was named in honor of one of the largest caciques (or chiefs) who resided on the Island when they arrived, with the Spanish arriving in the early 1500s. It was also where Taino hieroglyphs were discovered and made into huge stones.

The festival is a celebration of the history that is Taino culture. Traditional ceremonies, the ball game and costume parade are among the most memorable aspects during the celebration. The festival also celebrates local cuisine and culture and gives guests the chance to enjoy the hospitality in the local area. Tourists can also visit sights such as Piedra Escarita and coffee plantations during the festival.

The Spanish destroyed the Tainos, and however, their influence is still evident throughout Puerto Rican culture. Jayuya also has the highest mountain on the Island of Puerto Rico, some of the most renowned coffee plantations on the Island, and a moonshine distillery and hot air balloons. The journey to reach it is difficult, but it’s worth the effort!

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