Papa Rupe Brewing In Puerto Rico

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While being a little traditional in its spirit, Papa Rupe brewing at its heart offers a unique food experience based on beer, with foods and 20 different beers on tap and a passion for the arts and history that are a part of our community. The rich history of the name is evident in the 127-year-old home and promises to bring you back to the end of the 18th century Ponce along with its Spanish architectural style. 

In the center, located in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Papa Rupe Brewing Co. is situated inside the wall of a historic home (built around 1893) which was once owned by Thomas Armstrong Toro, one of the key people who shaped the Ponce’s Golden Age. 

 We, as historians, are determined to preserve our cities’ rich past and demonstrate to others the importance of protecting our heritage and why it is essential to share our experiences with others. This is the reason why the general structure of the home is unaltered. The walls and the ceiling, doors, and arches have been kept in the same condition so that our patrons can feel the timeless beauty. Enjoy the rich history of our place and enjoy a few drinks! Cheers! 

 While being historic in spirit, Papa Rupe at its heart offers a unique culinary experience through its beer-based menu items and 20 tap beers and a passion for the past and the arts that are part of our community. 

Address: 33 Calle Mayor, Ponce, 00730, Puerto Rico

Phone: +1 787-212-9271

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