The Pork Highway In Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico’s iconic pork highway stretches from San Juan to the beaches of the northwest. This tour explores the pork-filled capital city and nearby towns, rolling through Puerto Rico’s beautiful landscapes to eat the best lechón. The Pork Highway in Puerto Rico is a day tour exploring the island’s most delicious meats.

Less than an hour west of San Juan in Guavate, Puerto Rico, which is famous for one thing: pig. In the early 1990s, the government paved a roadway that connects Highway 52 to three towns—Guavate, Cayey, and Salinas—and dozens of lechoneras or roadside barbecues came with it. Each weekend, locals and tourists gather on La Ruta del Lechón (“Pork Highway”) to hang out and eat delicious pork, rice, and beans—and maybe dance salsa or merengue with a local.

In Guavate itself, visitors are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of stalls grilling pork shoulder on el diablo-like spits for upwards of 25 hours; each place has its secret rub recipe. The pork road is even open through Christmas Eve, so if you’re looking to stay in and cook your feast this December, swing by Ruta del Lechón beforehand to pick up some provisions—if only to say you spent Christmas night in Pork Alley.

Tourism isn’t just about the beaches in Puerto Rico. Be sure to make a stop at The Pork Highway for a behind-the-scenes look at how to make the juiciest, most tender cured meats.

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