San Juan restaurants in Puerto Rico

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While there are a lot of places to be in Puerto Rico, San Juan restaurants are something that you must visit. Visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico the first time, can be interesting, enlightening, relaxing, or even stressful. Well, this depends on what you know before the visit.

Going to a good restaurant is part of having a great time in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

San Juan Restaurants to visit, Puerto Rico

Food in San Juan, Puerto Rico, should be considered one of the first adventures to have while away on vacation.

Here are three restaurants you want to visit while in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Eter Rooftop and Lounge

Eter Rooftop and Lounge is a restaurant that leaves people satisfied all through. They present the best food in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their main course has stuffed Mofongo, and vegetable risotto.

It is not just the food that gives customers pleasure, but also the view, which helps the customers relax and enjoy their time.

It is a place you want to go to with your family and friends and have a nice time.

1919 Restaurant, San Juan

1919 restaurant is a fine-dining restaurant for you and your family. A homely place that offers you food made from the freshest organic and local ingredients.

If you are looking for a well-orchestrated restaurant, 1919 Restaurant provides you with the best of their services; and food made by the Michelin-star Executive Chef Juan José Cuevas. Their menu consists of mixtures of vegetables, fish, and shellfish.

Marmalade Restaurant and Wine Bar

Marmalade Restaurant and Wine Bar is located in C. de la Fortaleza in San Juan, PR.

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Marmalade is a popular restaurant for intimate celebrations or a cozy place for newlyweds.

With the skills of Chef Peter Schindler, the foods presented are always a delight to people.

Although there are several foods that you can try at this restaurant, we recommend the White Bean Soup for you and your family or friends.

Foods to have in San Juan restaurants, Puerto Rico & how it made

If you ever decide to go to any restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico, there are some foods you must try in the restaurants:


Tripleta is a combination of chicken, ham, and beef. The combination is usually placed in a loaf of bread and topped with vegetables, ketchup, fries, and cheese.

Watch this video and learn how to make Tripleta – Puerto Rican Tripleta Sandwich – In the Kitchen

Arroz con gandules

Arroz Con Gandules is a mixture of several ingredients that gives a long-lasting aroma. The ingredients needed are rice, pigeon peas, sofrito, and Sazon seasoning.

Watch this video and learn how to make Arroz Con Gandules – Arroz con Gandules – Rice & Pigeon Peas


Mofongo made from mashed unripe plantains is food that every visitor should enjoy at any restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Watch this video and learn how to make Mofongo at home – Puerto Rican Mofongo Recipe –

Book your reservations now and have a great time!

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