Old San Juan in Puerto Rico

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Old San Juan is the perfect place to wander around, and don’t worry, and you won’t get lost! Something around each corner brings back history and life in Puerto Rico. The old cobblestone streets are a perfect setting for a romantic stroll at night, and every nook has something exciting to offer.

As you wander through the streets, you’ll see everything from street performers, mesmerising graffiti art, costumes galore, beautiful scenery wherever your feet take you. The Spanish colonial architecture of Old San Juan transports you back in time to the days when this walled city was the most important military post in the western hemisphere. Rows of vibrantly painted 16th- and 17th-century townhouses face the blue waters of San Juan Bay.

Explore the old cobblestone streets of this historic neighbourhood — initially designed for horse and carriage — and enjoy a taste of Puerto Rican heritage, a blending of cultures, cuisines, and traditions. So if you’re ever in Puerto Rico and looking for a relaxing day filled with cultural experiences, this city is the perfect place to go.

Anybody looking for a unique experience in Puerto Rico should consider visiting  the historical architectures and artworks that make Old San Juan so unique.

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