Noche de San Juan in Puerto Rico

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Saint John’s Eve, or Noche de San Juan is celebrated before Saint John’s Day, and it begins at sunset on June 23rd. According to Luke’s Gospel (Luke 1:26-37: 56-57), John was born six months before Jesus. Therefore, the feast of John, the Baptist, was set on June 24th. According to the Roman calculation, this is six months before Christmas (ante denim VIII Kalendas Iulias). This is one of very few saints’ feasts that commemorates the anniversary rather than the saint’s death being honored.

Saint John’s Eve is also known locally as Noche de San Juan, and it’s an unofficial celebration that celebrates Saint John the Baptist’s Nativity. Many people gather on the beaches to jump seven times into the ocean at midnight for luck.

 The Feast of Saint John coincides closely with the June solstice. Also known as Midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere, the Feast of Saint John is called Midsummer. Although the Christian holy day falls on June 24th, most celebrations are held the night before Saint John’s Eve in most countries, and many places celebrate this holiday.

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