Laguna Grande Tours and Activities In Puerto Rico

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Discover the famous Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico with a unique kayak tour, where you can also enjoy snorkeling, cliff jumping, and hiking. Laguna Grande has been declared a Natural Reserve Area by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and is part of the Luquillo Experimental Forest. Our professional tour guides will help you discover this area while seeing some surrounding landmarks like the Fajardo Lighthouse and El Faro Beach.

With three unique Tours and Activities in Puerto Rico, there’s no reason not to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Get ready to dive with the sharks, bask in the sun as you kayak around this picturesque island, or ride on a beautiful white stallion.

Explore Puerto Rico’s most beautiful landmark, the Laguna Grande, on an exciting and adventurous tour that begins with a trek along bioluminescent bay trails. Stop swimming and kayaking in the lagoon, enjoying the ancient beauty and wonder of this most unusual place. Exploring the beauty of Laguna Grande and its surroundings is an activity that all family members can enjoy.

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