How To Prepare Puerto Rican Longaniza

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Another traditional Christmas dish included on the sausage plate is longaniza. The morcilla pork is ground, while the meat in longaniza is chopped into pieces. Annatto, made from an achiote’s seed tree, gives the sausage its brick red hue and adds a nutmeg flavour. Garlic, oregano and salt, and pepper are usually included. Longaniza is usually served in a fryer or grill, and it is often added to rice and is served as a meal with a side dish—Arroz with longaniza. 

Ingredients for Longaniza

 1 kg chopped pork (30 percent fat) 

 1 cup of brown sugar 

 1 1/2 2 tbsp salt 

 2 tbsp cane vinegar 

 3 tbsp soy sauce 

 1 entire garlic chopped 

 2 tsps black pepper powder 

 2 tsp of annatto powder 

 sausage casing 


 Put all remaining ingredients in a large mixing bowl, mix vinegar, soy sauce, and Annatto powder and mix. 

 The mixture should be placed in the sausage stuffer, then placed on the other side, and tie a secure knot around the other end. Fill the sausage casing with meat mixture, alternating every 2 1/2 inches twist until you have a sealed section. Gently pack each section until completed with all the meat. 

 Once it is in the casing, put it in the refrigerator for at least a day to dry, then hold its form and allow it to soak in the spices. Put it in the freezer to store. 

 To cook, place the sausages in a pan, then add some water and cook at a low temperature while being covered. When the water is dry, add oil, and cook it slowly until the sugar begins to melt. 

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