How To Prepare Puerto Rican Guanime

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In the past, pasteles were Guanime dating to the Taino. The masa is made from wheat or corn flour instead of various fruits and root vegetables. Guanime can be prepared using only masa and are sweet or savoury. Guanime is also packed in banana leaf and then boiled. 

Ingredients for Guanime

Prepare the Filling 

  • 1 Lb ground beef 
  • 1 cup tomato sauce 
  • One bell pepper cut into pieces. 
  • One scotch bonnet, pepper with no seeds, and chopped 
  • 1 . Small onion chopped 
  • Two cloves garlic 
  • 1 sprig parsley 
  • 1 sprig recao/cilantro or ancho/culantro 
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon salt 
  • 1/4 tsp of pepper 
  • 3 tbsp olive oil 

For the Cornmeal 

  • 3 cups cornmeal 
  • 5 cups of vegetable soup at room temperature 

For the Guanimes 

  • 16 corn husks, or an equivalent amount of parchment papers 
  • cotton string 
  • Two qts water 


Making the Filling 

· Make use of the food processor to create a paste from bell pepper, Scotch Bonnet garlic, onion parsley, cilantro ancho, as well as salt, pepper, and

· Add seasoning paste to the ground hamburger. Mix until it is evenly mixed. 

· Brown the hamburger at moderate temperature. Stir and cook until the is cooked thoroughly. 

· After the meat has been cooked, cook the sauce with tomatoes. Stir and cook until the sauce has evaporated. Add salt as needed. 

· Remove the pan from the oven and put it aside. 

Make the Cornmeal 

· Mix the cornmeal and broth and allow it to rest covered for one hour. 

· Cook the cornmeal and broth at medium temperature, frequently stirring until thicker. Lower the heat, and stir it until the broth becomes thick enough to adhere to the spoon. 

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· The cornmeal will not be thoroughly cooked, and however, it will be ready in the future. Take it off the heat and let it cool to the temperature of a room. 

Assemble the Guanimes 

· Put two tablespoons of cornmeal in a corn husk, and flatten. Fill with one tablespoon filling. Over it by two cups of cornmeal. 

· Create an envelope shape and then cover the envelope with cornhusks or cornhusks until the envelope is water-proof. String it up. Refer to the for more details. 

· 2.25 Qt of water on high temperatures in a large pan until it reaches a boiling point. After the water has reached a boil, put the cornmeal dumplings inside the pot, and allow them to boil for 10 minutes. 

· Serve: Remove the husks and water and serve. Serve with ketchup. 

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